April 1, 2019

NORML Chapter Newsletter – March 2019

Everyday NORML Chapters from around the country invest countless hours in advocating for meaningful marijuana law reforms on the local, state and federal level! Here is a brief rundown of some of their most recent media accomplishments.
March 29, 2019

Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/29

Welcome to the latest edition of NORML's Weekly Legislative Roundup!
March 28, 2019

Marijuana Banking Passes Critical Committee

In the first in what are anticipated to be multiple Congressional votes to address the federal prohibition and criminalization of marijuana, the House Financial Services Committee will today voted to advance The SAFE Banking Act, HR 1595.
March 27, 2019

Texas Police Chiefs Association Hold Marijuana Press Conference

Today, I attended a press conference held by the Texas Police Chiefs Association (TPCA) at the Texas State Capitol. They discussed “the myths vs. the facts as they pertain to marijuana sales, production, distribution, possession, usage along with its long-term effects as well as impact on quality of life for all citizens.”