October 16, 2018

FDA Seeks Public Comments Regarding International Classification Of Cannabis

The US Food and Drug Administration is seeking public comments specific to whether changes ought to be recommended regarding the international classification of cannabis as a controlled substance. Members of the public have until October 31, 2018 to submit their comments to the FDA for consideration.
October 15, 2018

DECRIM, an Inference from a Year of Data in Atlanta – Most Cops Don’t Care

Since the unanimous passage of Atlanta City Ordinance 17-O-1152, which reduced the penalty for possession of an ounce or less of marijuana within the city limits of Atlanta to $75.00 and no jail time, what effect is the ordinance having on “simple possession” arrests in Atlanta?
October 15, 2018

A Coalition Of Groups Bills October 20th-27th as National Expungement Week

A coalition of over 20 organizations working at the intersection of the cannabis industry, racial equity, and reparative justice, will join local and community groups across the country for the inaugural National Expungement Week (N.E.W.) October 20-27, 2018. Conceived to aid those disenfranchised by the war on drugs, N.E.W. will offer free clinics to help to remove, seal, or reclassify eligible convictions from criminal records.
October 15, 2018

Canada: Licensed Provincial Operators to Begin Retail Marijuana Sales This Week

Legislation permitting the possession, use, cultivation, and retail sale of cannabis takes effect this Wednesday, October 17.