May 22, 2019

Study: Presence Of THC In Blood Not Associated With Crash Culpability

Drivers testing positive for the presence of THC in blood do not possess a significantly increased risk of being responsible for a non-fatal motor vehicle accident, according to data published in the journal Addiction.
May 21, 2019

Clinical Trial: CBD Administration Reduces Heroin Cravings

The administration of oral CBD reduces cue-induced cravings and anxiety in subjects with a history of heroin use, according to clinical data published in The American Journal of Psychiatry. Commenting on the study's findings, NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano said, "These conclusions add to the growing body of evidence that cannabis and its constituents represent an exit away from the use or abuse of other controlled substances rather than a supposed 'gateway.'"
May 20, 2019

Nevada: Reform Efforts are Still Alive

Efforts to reform Nevada's pre-employment marijuana testing policies, as well as to expand the state's medical cannabis program, are still being considered by lawmakers this session.
May 19, 2019

Massachusetts: State Regulators Grant Initial Approval To Social Use Spaces

Members of the state’s Cannabis Control Commission have decided to advance plans to regulate social marijuana use facilities.