December 18, 2019

New Jersey: Governor Signs Marijuana Expungement Bill into Law

“This will make it possible for thousands of residents now and in the future to truly be able to turn the corner and not have long forgotten mistakes marking them like a ‘scarlet letter’ for the rest of their lives."
December 17, 2019

New Jersey: Lawmakers Approve Measure to Place Marijuana Legalization Question on the 2020 Ballot

Super-majorities of the New Jersey Assembly and Senate have decided to place a marijuana legalization ballot question before voters in 2020.
December 16, 2019

Federal Spending Package Protects Medical Marijuana, Strips Other Provisions

In the FY2020 appropriations package released Monday, existing protections for medical cannabis programs from federal prosecutors that have been in place since 2014 remained, but other amendments that had been added earlier in the year by House Democrats were removed from the final compromise.
December 16, 2019

Near-Record Support for Cannabis Legalization Reflected in Latest National Polls

Over six in ten US adults support legalizing marijuana nationwide, according to a pair of recently released public opinion polls.