March 3, 2020

Why New York’s MRTA gets an A- & the CRTA gets a C-

New York State is set to legalize and regulate cannabis for adult-use, and improve our existing medical marijuana and hemp programs by April 1st with the 2020-2021 NYS Budget. But our work isn’t over yet and we need to fight for SMART legalization now more than ever!
March 3, 2020

Poll: More Than Two in Three US Latinos Back Legalizing Marijuana

Sixty-eight percent of English- and Spanish-speaking US Latinos now say they support marijuana legalization.
February 29, 2020

Weekly Legislative Roundup 2/29/20

Welcome to the latest edition of NORML's Weekly Legislative Roundup!
February 28, 2020

Maine: Medical Cannabis Market Is Third Largest in The State

The annual revenues related to medical cannabis now totals more than the total revenues generated by the sales of blueberries, maple syrup, apples, herring, and oysters combined.