July 29, 2019

NORML Remembers Dr. Mark Kleiman

NORML regrets the passing of Prof. Mark A. R. Kleiman, an academic expert on cannabis policy who often shared and debated his well informed views on marijuana policy reform with those of us who were committed to advocating for a policy of adult use legalization.
July 29, 2019

Delaware Cannabis Community Holds Annual Music Festival

Delaware NORML opens the third annual Weedstock Music Festival on Friday August 16th at Firebase Lloyd in Townsend. What started as a local fundraiser for marijuana legalization efforts has matured into an important cultural event.
July 29, 2019

New York: Governor Signs Measure Reducing Marijuana Possession Penalties, Expunging Past Convictions

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo today signed legislation into law amending marijuana possession penalties and establishing procedures for the automatic expungement of prior, low-level cannabis convictions.
July 27, 2019

Florida Municipality Considering Marijuana Decriminalization Measure

The City of Jacksonville, Florida is considering a marijuana decriminalization measure that would impose a $100 fine for possessing 20 grams or less of instead of jail time.