May 8, 2020

A Founder Looks at 50: Keith Stroup on the Shafer Commission

As one reviews the modern history of marijuana policy in this country, beginning with the adoption of federal marijuana prohibition in 1937 (i.e., the Marijuana Tax Act) and continuing to where we are today with 33 states having legalized the medical use of marijuana and 11 states and the District of Columbia having legalized adult recreational use, perhaps the single most important step along the way was the report issued in 1972 by the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse.
May 7, 2020

Maryland: Governor Vetoes Bill Shielding Marijuana-Related Convictions from Public View

The legislation, if enacted, would have shielded an estimated 200,000 low-level marijuana convictions from public view.
May 7, 2020

Study: Police Make Fewer Traffic Stops Following Marijuana Legalization, But People of Color Still Disproportionately Targeted

“The data thus suggest that, although overall search rates dropped in Washington and Colorado, black and Hispanic drivers still faced discrimination in search decisions.”
May 6, 2020

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