November 1, 2019

Michigan: Regulators Now Accepting Retail Marijuana Business Applications

State regulators have begun accepting applications from those wishing to open licensed retail cannabis facilities. Regulators estimate that the first state-licensed retailers will be operational by March 2020.
November 1, 2019

Study: Pain Patients Report Significant Health Improvements Following Enactment of Medical Cannabis Access Laws

“Individuals who report having pain limiting that limits their daily activity see large health improvements. This is the strongest evidence that a group with a high probability of pain medication use sees large benefits from medical marijuana laws.”
October 31, 2019

No One Wants to Give Your Kids Free Edibles

Seriously, no one is doing this.
October 30, 2019

Nevada NORML’s Veteran’s Virtual Lobby Day

To honor both those who have bravely served and those who still suffer due to federal cannabis laws, Nevada NORML will be hosting a unique event on Veteran’s Day. The virtual lobby day, a lobbying event done entirely through electronic means, will raise awareness of the many federal pieces of legislation that could benefit veterans.