May 19, 2020

Louisiana: House Lawmakers Advance Measures to Greatly Expand Medical Cannabis Access

House lawmakers have overwhelmingly passed a pair of bills to better expand and facilitate access to medical cannabis products.
May 15, 2020

Municipalities Moving Away from Marijuana Testing for Employees

"Times have changed; attitudes have changed, and in many places, the marijuana laws have changed. It is time for workplace policies to adapt to this new reality."
May 15, 2020

A Founder Looks at 50: Hunter S. Thompson – a Natural Ally

NORML founder Keith Stroup reflects on his 33-year friendship with author and NORML ally Hunter S. Thompson
May 14, 2020

NORML Remembers Mikel Weisser

Mikel became Arizona NORML’s State Director in 2015. He was passionate in his reform advocacy endeavors, stating that “his main devotion is, and has been, advancing the work of Arizona NORML.” He was especially proud of the group’s successful efforts to reform the state’s medical cannabis access laws and was working on the state initiative to legalize marijuana at the time of his passing.