January 8, 2018

Kansas State Representative Defends Prohibition, Goes Full Racist

At an event over the weekend, Kansas State Representative Steve Alfond (R) defended the continuation of marijuana prohibition by reverting to the kind of overtly racist rhetoric originally deployed by Henry Anslinger when this failed policy was first implemented.
January 5, 2018

Democrats and Republicans Reject Recent Action by AG Sessions

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle strongly rejected a recent move by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to crackdown on states that have legalized marijuana.
January 5, 2018

Oklahoma: Voters To Decide In June On Sweeping Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative

Oklahoma voters will decide this June on State Question 788 -- a statewide ballot measure legalizing the use, cultivation, and distribution of medical cannabis to qualified patients.
January 5, 2018

Vermont State House Passes Marijuana Legalization

Just hours after US Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded Obama-era guidelines instructing US attorneys to take a ‘hands off’ approach in states with legal marijuana regulations, lawmakers in the Vermont House voted to legalize the personal possession and home cultivation of marijuana by a vote of 81 to 63.