June 15, 2021

Superbad: ‘How Bad Are You?’

Vertical Companies, the only massive quality cultivator of cannabis, has decided to partner with the lifestyle brand, superbad…
April 21, 2021

Home Grow In Canada: Too Much of A Good Thing?

Health Canada is making noises about cracking down on patient home grow. Again. But is this really a genie that can be put back in the bottle?
October 14, 2020

A Long Time Coming: A Reflection On The Evolution Of Cannabis Legality

The Co-Founder of Smoke Screen Farms and Long Cannabis Co. writes about the changing legal and social status of cannabis in this personal essay.
July 2, 2020

Guía para el Autocultivo de Marihuana: Genéticas, Medios y Ambientes de Cultivo

Grow with Jane, la app que miles de entusiastas de la planta están utilizando como guía para mejorar la calidad de su autocultivo de cannabis.