September 21, 2017

7 Tips for Growing Eco-Friendly Weed

As more and more people and businesses enter the cannabis cultivation sphere, prices are dropping and the carbon footprint of pot production continues to rise. Mass-produced indoor weed isn’t sustainable ...

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September 19, 2017

How to Tell When It’s Time to Harvest Your Weed

When it comes to harvesting cannabis, timing is everything. If you take your plants down too soon, they’ll be immature with underdeveloped resin glands containing less of the vital essential ...
September 18, 2017

6 Tips For Growing Great-Tasting Weed

Growing the best-tasting cannabis requires a basic understanding of photosynthesis, as well as good genes and plenty of patience. To that end, we’ve compiled some tips to improve the flavor, ...
September 18, 2017

Watch: Episode 8 of ‘Growing Exposed’—Sugarleaf

In this eighth episode of Growing Exposed, I’ll introduce you to Sugarleaf’s master grower Jayson Flynn. Considered a veteran in the industry, Jason has already had his taste of success as ...