June 12, 2017

Stoner Sex: Dating Dealers, MMJ Facts, Painful Anal & Water-Based Lubes

Dear Hyapatia, My boyfriend sells weed, and I realize that means our place is always busy. We are never alone. That sucks. I need to have some space from all ...
June 12, 2017

Cinema Stoner: The Mummy & Bubba Kush Indica

Being a stoner is like Memento. You’re always trying to remember what you just fucking did. In my case, a handful of Bubba Kush nugs submerged my experience of watching ...
June 12, 2017

High Buy: Rokin Nitro Pen

This post is sponsored by Rokin Vapes. The sleek new Rokin Nitro is a quality vape pen for concentrates. With three temperature settings and a dual quartz rod atomizer, the Nitro delivers ...