June 30, 2021

Shorty: Weed-Smoking Sideshow ‘Half-Man’ Lives on Bong Hits and Broken Glass

Aaron Wollin, AKA Shorty, is a sideshow “half-man” who uses cannabis to help control pain-related reflexes caused by jumping on broken glass with his hands.
June 29, 2021

Higher Profile: Ian Hackett, CMO, Napa Valley Fume

California cannabis patient Ian Hackett crossed over from a 20-year career in mainstream, corporate marketing into the cannabis industry.
June 28, 2021

Holy Wars Are Fighting To Expand Your Consciousness

Los Angeles-based frontwoman Kat Leon of Holy Wars chats about cannabis, loss and the power of saying “fuck it.”
June 28, 2021

These Veterans are Fighting a War to Make Cannabis Accessible to Their Fellow Soldiers

As doctors keep prescribing opiates, American veterans plead for a safer, more effective way to treat their PTSD: medical marijuana.